Foothills Alliance is a nonprofit agency that encompasses three programs: Sexual Trauma Center, Child Advocacy Center, and Prevent Child Abuse. Foothills Alliance was formed when three agencies were merged in July 2001. Prior to the merger, the Sexual Trauma Center operated for 11 years as an independent non -profit agency providing 24-hour crisis intervention services to residents of Anderson and Oconee counties. Before merging with the Alliance, Prevent Child Abuse had been in existence since 1990, run solely by volunteers in the community. The Child Advocacy Center was a new program that was developed in 2001 and became part of the Alliance that same year.

The mission of Foothills Alliance is working in collaboration with community partners, the mission of Foothills Alliance is to prevent sexual assault trauma and child abuse and neglect by providing education, advocacy, and treatment services in Anderson and Oconee counties.


Sexual Trauma Center

The Sexual Trauma Center is a multi-services program responding to the needs of child and adult sexual trauma survivors in Anderson and Oconee counties The center provides support for survivors, family members and others involved in the survivor’s recovery. STC remains the only local program providing direct support for survivors of sexual assault. STC provides the following services:

> Immediate crisis response including a 24-hour crisis hotline and accompaniment and advocacy for victims at local hospital emergency rooms, law enforcement agencies and court proceedings.

> Individual and family therapy, and support groups for survivors of sexual assault, their families and others affected by this type of trauma.

> Age-appropriate community education programs are available on a variety of topics to multiple age groups and cover issues such as: date rape, “Good touch/bad touch,” self-protection, and healthy relationships and online safety.

> Public speaking opportunities and community awareness provided by members of our Upstate White Ribbon Campaign (men against violence towards women).

Child Advocacy Center

The Child Advocacy Center serves sexually abused children, providing them a comfortable, private, and child-friendly setting that is both physically and psychologically safe for children. The neutral, non-threatening center is designed to meet the needs of child victims and their families. CAC provides the following services:

> Physician-performed forensic medical exams.

> Forensic interviews in coordination with law enforcement officials and child protective services

> Multi-agency case review with representatives from Department of Social Services (DSS), law enforcement, the Tenth Circuit Solicitor’s office, the medical community, victims’ advocates, and mental health, who are called upon to respond to child abuse cases.

> Professional therapy services.

> Victim advocacy.

> Collaboration with area agencies and schools to provide prevention information and education to youth and teens.

Prevent Child Abuse

Prevent Child Abuse helps keep children safe in Anderson County by bringing parents together for support and encouragement while teaching them the best possible parenting skills. As a result of good parenting, abuse and neglect of Anderson County’s children can be eliminated. PCA parent support groups are also available to grandparents, guardians, or anyone entrusted with rearing a child.