How can Foothills Alliance counseling services help you?

Surviving sexual victimization is difficult, whether it occurred during childhood or as an adult. Support, education, and professional counseling can help create an environment for change and progress toward the healing that is necessary to reclaim one’s life.

Counseling services at Foothills Alliance are designed to provide therapeutic support and encouragement that foster recovery from trauma. Each individual is respected and honored throughout the time he or she receives services. Individuals who choose to receive counseling for sexual abuse or assault find significant benefit in sharing their story with someone who has been specially trained to guide them through the healing process. With regular therapy, individuals are able to develop a clearer understanding and perspective of the abuse or assault, which aids in their healing. Individuals are provided with Trauma-Focused therapy as well as other types of therapy, and a greater enjoyment of life can be achieved.

What will your therapist discuss with you?

During the first few sessions, your therapist will help you clarify areas of concern in your life that result from sexual victimization. Your therapist will assist you in setting goals to address difficulties in your life. A variety of therapeutic techniques may be used, and you may be given assignments to complete.

Therapy involves hard work, and to be successful, full participation in counseling sessions is necessary. A commitment to attend each scheduled session and a willingness to apply the therapeutic interventions determined by your therapist are vital to making the changes needed to accomplish your goals.

In addition to helping you, the therapist may provide guidance to your family and friends if you would like to help them understand the impact of your sexual victimization. This would help them to learn ways to support your recovery process and to provide continued encouragement as you heal.

What type of training do Foothills Alliance therapists have?

Foothills Alliance’s professional therapists have completed master’s degrees in counseling and are fully licensed or have completed licensure requirements with the State of South Carolina Licensure Board. The Alliance’s therapists have received special training to work with both child and adult survivors of sexual victimization. The counseling staff is led by a clinical director who directs the work of four full-time therapists. All therapists are required by both the State of South Carolina and Foothills Alliance to continue professional counseling education while on staff.

What is the cost of counseling?

Foothills Alliance is a non-profit victims’ services organization operating from the private donations of community individuals, churches, businesses, the United Way of Anderson and Oconee counties, and several federal, state, and local government grants. Income from contributions, grants and fundraising events help Foothills Alliance provide counseling services free of charge to sexual abuse or assault victims.

How do I schedule counseling?

Foothills Alliance has an intake coordinator who is responsible for taking your information and forwarding your information to the appropriate therapist. Occasionally, there is a waiting list for counseling services; however, Foothills Alliance works as quickly as possible to get your initial counseling assessment scheduled.

We are here to empower survivors to reach their greatest potential.
If you are interested in counseling services at Foothills Alliance, please call 864-231-7273.