Foothills Alliance offers the following community education classroom presentations to schools in Anderson and Oconee counties. All presentations are free of charge and can be tailored to suit particular group needs.

> My Body Belongs to Me – Teaches children about private areas of the body and ways to stay safe.

(K5-2nd grades & 3rd-5th grades)

> Online Safety – Looks at how to be aware and alert while enjoying the we.

(K5-5th grade)

> Got Consent? – A simple question for a complicated problem. Discussion about what consent is and is not.

(high school & college)

> Self-Esteem – Learn what it means to have high self-esteem and why it is important.

(elementary, middle, & high school)

> Let’s Talk About “IT”: Prevention & Reporting Child Sexual Abuse.

(a must for parents, teachers, child care providers, etc)

> Foothills Alliance Services | Practical Safety | Child Sexual Abuse | Sexual Assault Presentations.

(for varied groups & ages)

Age-appropriate curriculum designed for 6th-12th grades –

> Healthy Relationships (4 sessions) – Covers the qualities of healthy relationships and defines abusive relationships.

> Sexual Harassment – Looks at the difference between harassment and flirting and how to handle it.

> Online Safety – Looks at how to be aware and alert.

> Sexual Assault & Date Rape Drugs – A look at date rape from a survivor’s perspective.

> Practical Safety & Risk Reduction Tips – Discusses ways to reduce the risk of sexual assault in different environments and situations.

> “When Privates go Public”: Sexting – Defines sexting, covers statistics and the consequences of sexting.

All 6th-12th grade curriculum can be a one time offering but healthy relationships must be four sessions in order to meet grant requirements. It’s designed for non-school settings such as after-school programs, health clinics, youth centers, youth groups, and camps.

For more information or to schedule a presentation, please contact Cristel Stancil at 864-231-7273.